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The AutoSprint S - Programme control for rapid set-up


Because of the number of machines already in existence and the very real problem of retraining operators, this machine retains the standard EMI-MEC plugboard control system but allows for the latest improved programming technique to be used. The diode pin plugboard through which the manual set-up is converted to a sequential programme allows an amazing versatility of automatic operation.

On switching to the automatic cycle the first complete left hand vertical line of sockets (column 1 of the plugboard) is simultaneously energised. By the insertion of a diode pin in the required socket, the selected function will take place. By placing several diode pins in different motion sockets, but in the same column, many functions can take place simultaneously, such as the cross slides vertical slides and turret operating together.

The Emi-Mec AutoSprint S features Programme control for rapid set-up

At the end of each main function or slide travel, the operation of a limit switch will energise column two. As column 2 is energised a supply from this column automatically cancels the previous column. The novel system allows continuous, uninterrupted overlapping of various slide and other functions while the programme is stepping from one column to the next.

In this way, power is transferred to the next column and further slide movements and other functions, depending on the programme, will take place.

Not only does this allow for greater flexibility-such as changing the turret feed while cutting - but it overcomes the problem sometimes associated with the 'step-over' on plugboard machines. Certain logic functions such as 'feed bar to stop' are built into the programme and are selected by the use of a single diode pin. Plugboard indicator lights show the live column and enable the programme sequence to be followed while special auto retract switches allow multi-slide operations to be performed with the minimum of programming.

The Emi-Mec AutoSprint S features modular electronics for easy servicing

Modular electronics

The Emi-Mec AutoSprint S features modular electronics for easy servicing.

Control panel

The simple layout of the modular control panel enables setters to understand the various functions with the minimum of instruction. All switches fall readily to hand and during the initial setting up of any component, feed and speed adjustments can be made quickly and easily.

The conveniently grouped slides and which, with the auto retract switches, allow a fas final setting of sizes during initial set up without subsequent adjustment. With the aid of facilities for turret and cross slide inching, the setting of the machine can be accomplished quickly and easily.

The plugboard and switch panels have graphic symbols for universal identification and are fitted with lockable covers for protection.

A further feature is the hand step push buttons which, when programmed, enables the operator to manually step from one column to the next on the plugboard.

With the correct programme sequence, the hand step control enables the automatic cycle to be interrupted - thus ensuring that both the operator's hands are free from the machining area.

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