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The AutoSprint S

The AutoSprint 'S' automatic programme sequence controlled (P.S.C.) turret lathe, introduced in the mid-1970's, was an entirely new, purpose-built machine designed for high speed, accurate and cost effective automatic production.

Emi-Mec AutoSprint S

The AutoSprint 'S' was the result of a three year development programme. With over 10,500 machines and systems in service throughout the world EMI-MEC has been ideally placed to study the demands and needs of turned parts manufacturers.

The AutoSprint 'S' is a 'facilities' machine providing many possibilities for producing the same component and is designed to meet the large demand for simple-to-operate, automatic machines that do not require extensive operator re-training, elaborate re-tooling, cam designing or tape production and rectification.

The versatile plugboard controls are quick and simple to operate and provide production flexibility and reduced down-time between jobs - essentials for modern, economic engineering.