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The MicroSprint 26 - Options

Magazine loading

Where unmanned machining is required on blanks; castings; previously turned parts; extrusions, etc., magazine loading equipment can be supplied. Three types are available; rear end through spindle loading (for long shafts); cross slide and rear of turret.

Magazine loading applications will be quoted against full supporting information.

Automatic magazine bar feeders

The use of an automatic bar feeder improves the overall efficiency of an automatic lathe. Where long parts combine with short machining times and/or several machines are tended by one operator, they become essential and extremely cost effective. We offer a range of automatic bar feeders, both forward and rearward butt ejection types, which can also beretrofitted to Emi-Mec machines.

BarSprint bar end pointing machine

Bar point preparation

The key to reliable automatic bar feeding is correct bar end preparation. The Emi-Mec BarSprint 26 bar pointer has been specifically developed to produce the correct end profile on all bar sizes and shapes.

Stationary drilling and milling

A range of air driven attachments are available, capable of performing a variety of drilling or milling operations on a component held stationary in the spindle. Require separate air supply.

Air chucking

For second operation machining of components which cannot be held in the collet, a 125mm dia. 2 or 3 jaw chuck can be supplied. These have their own in built air cylinder and fail safe if the air supply is interrupted.

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