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The MicroSprint 26 - description of features

Machine concept

The MicroSprint 26 is a logical, progressive development of Emi-Mec AutoSprint and MicroSprint series of multi-slide programmable automatics and takes advantage of the latest advances in microprocessor control technology.

An all new design, the MicroSprint 26 reflects the best of current technology but remains compatible for use with most existing Emi-Mec tooling and equipment.

Control panel

Electric and setting control panels

Control of the three headstock slides, six station turret and all machine functions is by a dedicated system, microprocessor based, developed and patented by Emi-Mec.

This Computer Enhanced Turning CET control is very easy to learn and use. All functions are in plain language with no codes. Its simplicity and logic makes for fast accurate programming.

Only those CNC facilities relevant to the specific needs of the MicroSprint 26 are incorporated in the CET control, giving it a high specification/cost ratio.


The fabricated stress relieved base features a 200mm wide flat top, 'T' section, full machine length bedway.

Excellent swarf clearance is achieved by 30° sloping pans to front and rear of the bedways. These in conjunction with the vertical bedway chute between turret and cross slide, assists swarf movement to a collection and drain area over the large and accessible coolant tank.

Turret and Slides

Turret and slide

The six station turret is random index programmable at any point of its travel.

Indexing is by a hydraulic/pneumatic mechanism mounted on the end of the bedway.

The turret slide movement is by ballscrew, driven by a DC servo motor via a toothed belt. This gives powerful thrust and its closed loop feed monitoring ensures precise programmable position and feed rate control.

To optimise slide, movement, travel and relative position of that travel are programmable.

Headstock, spindle and drive

The spindle is mounted in preloaded precision double angular contact sealed bearings at front and rear. A DC variable speed motor with integral fail safe brake drives the spindle by a poly-vee belt.

25 speeds are programmable without belt or gear change. The integral drive motor brake ensures rapid spindle stopping and reversal; assists second operation loading; and enables cross drill and milling.

Front, rear and overhead slides

Hardened and ground front and rear slides each have two position tool posts with tool height adjustment. The cross slide saddle is adjustable for position on the bedways.

An overhead slide is provided for parting off and has longitudinal adjustment.

All slides are capable of independent operation. They are actuated by air intensified hydraulics and traverse is rapid to adjustable pre-set check positions and then feed at a steplessly variable controlled rate.

Back feed to front and rear slides is controlled independently by feed rate flow valves.

Lubrication and coolant

An automatic lubrication unit serves 13 points on all slideways, ballscrew and indexing mechanism.

Coolant is programmable to the main supply distributor and turret nozzles.

Self compensating collet

Collet compensation mechanism, poly-vee belt drive and variable speed D.C. main motor

Self compensating collet

The collet operating mechanism is fail safe with spring on air off control. The disc spring compensation device allows variations in bar stock not exceeding 0.75mm for any one setting.

Automatic bar feed

A sound attenuated, automatic pneumatic bar feed, 3 metre length capacity, capable of accepting bar diameters from 4 to 26mm is provided. It is arranged to be swung forward at the machine end to load a new bar.

An end of bar cut out switch is fitted to shut the machine down and operate a warning light at the completion of the automatic cycle.


The MicroSprint 26 incorporates a range of safeguards.

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