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The AutoSprint E - List of features

Standard equipment includes:

Optional extras

Magazine Loading

This equipment allows a fully automatic machining cycle on 2nd operation work and enables one operator to tend several machines.

Normally the equipment is specially built for each customer's particular job. A limited range of standard type front cross slide and turret mounted magazines is available, but it should be noted that special magazines are usually quoted with machines.

End of Bar Switch

When connected, the operation of a small pressure switch will energise the finish cycle circuit and the machine will stop at the end of the programme.

Pre-set Parts Counter

This allows the operator to pre-set the batch quantity. When the number is reached the machine will automatically switch to finish cycle.

Chuck Work

With the optional 2 or 3 jaw air chucks, and their special circuitry, the changeover from either mode of operation can be accomplished in five minutes. The 4inch dip. 2 or 3 jaw chucks have their own built in air cylinder. In the event of air supply failure the workpiece will not be released until air pressure has been re-established and the valve position reversed.

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